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Hey friends, my name is Athar. I enjoy creating and building software products. My interest in software development started back in 2005, and then being obsessed with the startup saga back in 2010.
Fast-forward to today, and I've had the privilege of working with the most exciting companies and founded 2x tech startups. This combined experience taught me a lot about using technology as an instrument to solve challenging business problems.
Athar is a Founder of Tyrocircle Ltd, a product-focused team that specialises in collaboration platforms. They help brands and high-growth startups to build digital products and business transformation.
Specialities: Product Development, Product Manager, Enterprise Software Design and Development, Mobile Apps, Customer Experience, User Experience, Social, Tech, Start-up's and Business Strategy, Product Specialist.

Keep looking, trying and learning, Tomorrow will be better, and I promise!
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Road to Success!

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Some Things I’ve Built as a startup founder

We make solutions for modern teams to design prototype, share and
collaborate with stakeholders, and automate the design, approval process.
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The all-in-one design sharing, collaboration, workflow and app prototyping platform. 
Savah empowers teams to design awesome products, where they can present digital designs in real-time, collect feedback and speed up the design approval process.
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Tyrocircle is a social communication and collaboration platform for modern and mobile learning. Tyrocircle provides students, academics and alumni with everything that they need to communicate in real-time.
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Think startup conference

The Think Startup ( is the top hub for startup, product designers, executives, and entrepreneurs, featuring key technology updates, tutorials, freelancer resources, and remote working insights.
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Integrations to make your life easier

Happy to help with your product development or digital transformation project. 
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